In the attempts of getting the message of monetary reform “out there”, it seemed obvious also to use online petitions.

Since May 2008, we published four petitions:

  1. Stop the Cash Crumble to Equalize the Credit Crunch
  2. Financial Fairness for Taxpayers and Voters
    • one targeted at HM The Queen
  3. Stop the Oppression of the British People
    • and one at “HM Partnership“: the “joint venture” between  HM Treasury, HM Court Services, HM Prison and the Crown Prosecution Service:
  4. WANTED: Fair Trials and Compensation.

I collated the various comments and grouped them according to subject areas which are most fascinating reading – as a reflection of “public opinion”.

And of course, I sent them by email and on paper to various people, besides the targets. Hence I find that they serve well as ‘support’ of any claim or allegation we are making.

I also hope that signers and readers will make use of them, as they have attracted a considerable number of page views which you can see at the bottom of the petition page!

More details here.

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