My name is Michael Stuckey of Swindon , Wiltshire.  I am an Englishman – born and bred, as was my father and his father before.  I have recently married a foreign national (non-EU!) for the good old-fashioned reason of Love.  I was not looking for Love, but it found me, hence I fell – in-Love.  I did not choose to get into a relationship with a woman from another country, but it happened anyway.  I have NO regrets about marrying the person I fell in-Love with; she is the same age as myself – which is 55 yrs.

My wife couldn’t be more genuine than she is, and I am proud that she has chosen to marry me, and to spend the rest of her life with me; Maggie is the most loving, kind and precious woman I have ever known.  We were legally married in a Church of England (Anglican Church), after having gone through a rigorous vetting procedure by the Minister and the Diocesan Registrar; we also needed permission from Michael Bishop of Bristol , and the Churches Chancellor.  All documents were produced by us and verified!

My wife to be and I – met on the Internet, and were in constant contact for four months.  We never tired of communication, and would often spend five hours continuously on Skype.  Maggie wanted me to go to her country, but I could not do that at that time, so she eventually took the very brave and great risk of coming to the UK , and being dependant on me for the six months of her ‘Visitor-visa’ stay.

We had talked about marriage on the Internet, but we both knew that it was just a thought – and that we needed to really get to know each other in the real world.  So we both had open minds on her arrival to the UK .  During the course of the six months we became closer, and realised that since we met on the Internet that our Love had increased exponentially, and that we couldn’t have wished for more.  It was evident by this time that we had a bond that could not and should not be broken, so we got married because we needed to be together for the rest of our years.

By this time we became very worried and anxious about being separated, and we did not believe that it was right for anyone to do that.  We had become as one, a unit in every way! We were no longer independent of one another!

We made enquiries with the British Embassy, UK Border Agency, Swindon’s Citizens Advice Bureau (no assistance whatsoever!), and Swindon ’s Racial Equalities Council (Useless!).  We also sought help from our local MP – Robert Buckland via Baroness Warsi, the Chairperson of the Conservative Party, Damion Green, and Justin Tomlinson MP – with the grateful & persistent aid & backing of my dear friend (and fellow English Patriot) – Guy Leven-Torres.

There was a ruse of assistance – by Robert Buckland MP and his staff; Peter Heathan Jones & Nathan Mathiot of the Swindon Conservative MP’s Constituency Office.  All the above Conservative people had no intention of helping to keep my wife in the UK , or to delay her return so that I could seek further assistance from other sources – at all!

My argument is that:

Maggie came to the UK on a ‘Visitor-visa’ which lasts for six months! At the end of six months she was supposed to return, and unfortunately did – to prevent her deportation and a ten year ban on her return to the UK – and to her husband! However, Maggie’s status had changed and she was no longer a visitor, she is my legally married wife! And therefore being no longer a ‘Visitor’, the conditions, restrictions and rules of that ‘Visitor-visa’ no longer apply!

Maggie is now married to an Englishman, and has been legally married in an Anglican Church.  In the eyes of English ‘Common Law’ and of the Church of England – we are now united, and in the words contained in the marriage ceremony: “Let no man put asunder”.  Which means: Let no man put into parts or pieces?

The Home-Office has enforced rules, restrictions and conditions of the ‘Visitor-visa’ that are no longer valid, and the ‘Visitor-visa’ has now been illegally applied.  The Home-Office is also overriding English ‘Common Law’ with ‘Statute Law’, and it is dismissing the English ‘Common Law’ rights of an Englishman not to be parted from his legal wife, let alone all other related rights afforded to an Englishman and his wife by our ‘British Constitution’.

I call this Government, its PM’s, MP’s, cohorts and machinations – Criminal/s.  This Government is in direct opposition to English ‘Common Law’, it is in direct opposition to the Church of England and Christianity, it is dismissive, non-compliant of – and against our ‘British Constitution’ and its ‘Bill of Rights’.

In short; this government and its cohorts should be behind bars!

The wife of an Englishman has been illegally separated from him by the Government!

This is a direct attack on an Englishman, and it is the gravest offence against an Englishman and his Wife!

Don’t stand-by and let it pass.  This is not an isolated event, and it will continue – unless you stand by Englishmen and their legally married wives.

If Englishmen fail to stand-up for their wives – and other Englishmen/Women fail to stand by them, then it will not be just be our country that we lose, it will be the last shred of Englishness!

Please contact me via Email: or Phone: 07936 527 357

I need whatever assistance you can give me, such as – one or all of the following:

  • A GOOD Lawyer (if one exists)
  • People willing to give their names against the Home-Office’s illegal enforcement of this ‘Visitor-visa’
  • Circulation of this email
  • Letters to the Home-Office in protest and asserting an Englishman’s rights of marriage, and the illegality of the ‘Visitor-visa’ enforcement
  • Letters to Robert Buckland MP and his cohorts – Peter Heathan Jones, and Nathan Mathiot – about their non-existent defence of an Englishman’s Wife
  • A phone call to me offering whatever help you are able to give, or to tell me what you have done to assist
  • An offer of fundraising to assist in my wife’s return to the UK
  • Etc.

It is obvious that I have a very personal interest in the resolution of this matter, but I would remind you that – I have been an anti-EU activist and anti-Treasonous Government activist for some years – having taken actions to help defend our country and its people from this Tyranny and Oppression.  So, although this is a personal matter for me, it is not disassociated from my usual English Patriotism.

Ps. My wife is distraught – as am I (we are both physically unwell with the stress and heartache!).  We only want to be together, and do not understand why anyone should have the power to separate us.  Every day we are apart is torture to us, and we do not know when, or if, we will be re-united.  Our Love for one-another is absolute – and we are as one, yet – ungodly forces have stretched us 5,000 miles apart.

In anticipation of your kind consideration,

Mike Stuckey.

Ex member & activist of CIB and NO2ID, ex candidate and committee member of UKIP, present member of the BCG, and reporter of the Treason & Sedition committed by UK Prime-Ministers to my local Swindon , Wilts. Police-Station.  Other activities past and present (numerous and significant – but) not mentioned!

NB. I need the backing of English Patriots.  I cannot stand alone against the Home-Office! I need legal representation, or the sheer force/protection of a multitude of English Patriots, or preferably both!

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