My most recent experiences regarding the publication of supposed court documents against “The Media & Others” enraged me such that I am now looking for public support to get that Public Inquiry into White Collar Crimes going.

Imagine: a lawyer writes a “Reporting Restriction Order” that

  • carries no signature
  • appears never to have seen a court
  • and has its own “terms of service”.

I.e. it’s not the COURT but the LAWYER who can serve the order – not on the web publisher – but on the web hosting company!

Of course, WordPress wouldn’t possibly question the validity or lawfulness of a document. So after deleting eight blog posts that related to The Stealing of Baby Harley, State Kidnapping and the State Stealing Children, I had to delete another post, relating to the same issue, but another Council and another lawyer using the same nasty ‘behind the back’ technique.

Enough is enough! Now I hope that you’ll add some signatures to our request for a Public Inquiry into White Collar Crimes, before I put it before the Lord Chancellor and the Business Minister.

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