A 6-page article by Bridget Freer in the Sunday Times, accessible for £1 or £2 per week – the beginning of taking the lid of ‘child trafficking’ and possibly state kidnapping, the state stealing children and The Stealing of Baby Harley.

The article says that

60% of the trafficked children taken into protection disappear from local-authority care, presumed to end up back with the traffickers.

For some communities, the incidence of disappearance from local-authority care is even higher. With the Vietnamese trafficking gangs, for instance, it’s as high as 90% because they use extreme control techniques: violence and threats to their families.

As “Third Defendant” aka “The Media & Others”, I have the ‘privilege’ of being at the enforcement end of two ‘gagging orders’ by the lawyers of one Council in South Wales and another one up North. Unfortunately, WordPress, my blog hosting company, doesn’t question the ‘rogue orders’. So I have to show them that they ought NOT enforce what are no lawful documents in the first place.

What’s wrong with these two orders produced by two different lawyers? Here’s a document that spells things out:

  1. a “court order” needs to be served by a Court
  2. it needs to be signed by a judge in wet ink
  3. I find it completely over the top when these lawyers think they cover themselves by writing the “Terms of Service” themselves.

I deleted the submission I made re the validity of an “Injunction Order” and the one that went to the High Court in London re the “Reporting Restriction Order”.

Watch this space!

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