What kind of childhood does it take to be cruel to children as an adult?

What kind of experiences does it take to become a paedophile?

Why do judges, solicitors, CAFCASS and social workers in Doncaster (and elsewhere) collude NOT to protect Vicky Haigh’s daughter from her paedophile father? Read My Daddy is a Paedophile.

Why does award winning film maker Bill Maloney make a film on victims of child abuse?

Why are juvenile detention centres ‘houses of horror’ for the youngsters?

What would it take for them to ‘undo’ such experiences as told on this video?

Why did the “Justice Minister” Jack Straw make it illegal for children to speak out even if they were maltreated?

Why do adults end up feeling too ashamed to talk about what happened to them?

The movie is a sad testimonial of a very sad state of affairs… It ends listing the names of 35 teenagers who died “in care”…

Justice for Survivors is a site for ‘consolation’ with a petition to sign:

Bringing to an end the situation where Lawyers, Courts, Police, Social Services and other state institutions can choose not to help the victims of sexual abuse of children while in youth custody, children’s homes and foster care.

That’s EXACTLY what Liz and I are asking and advocating: the Rule of the Law in the Public Interest – in public institutions – as we are hopefully contributing to Vicky’s daughter getting back to her.

Another petition to sign is Amy’s Mission Against Paedophiles:

I want the government to change the laws against paedophiles. I would like longer sentencing for paedophiles, Sex education taught earlier and More help for victims.

Please sign my petition and help not only me but others. We are not victims we are Survivors.

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