To All

Three Police officers banging on door looking for me at 10.30 at night.  They have had a phone call from English Police reporting me missing.

I am having a baby in less than 4 days and it is very distressing having people chase me around like this ESPECIALLY when I have not even met the social worker who has reported me missing.  How did she do a description of me?  How can it be allowed that a woman who has never met me has the authority to report me missing when she cannot even say when she last saw me alive as she has never met me face to face.  The waste of police time here is massive and my daughter R continues to be at risk with a man who she has told the police has sexually abused her!!!

This has to stop at some stage otherwise they are going to make me a nervous wreck.  I have had upset and distress for several years now and have lost my eldest daughter.  Why are these people doing this to me?

How will this end?



And this two nights before the hearing on Monday morning where half an hour is reserved for ‘directions’ on Vicky’s case…

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