I would never have thought that I could watch signatures coming in on The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW!

11 05 22 SecretBut with this lovely image, David Icke listed it under his headlines. Since 2006, he published over 80 articles referring to the State Stealing Children.

The challenge is to get 100,000 signatures together which would give us a formal debate in Parliament. At the current rate it’ll take us three years!

The comments by signers are really worth reading – just in case anybody thinks that family courts act “in the child’s interest”.

And if you do want to know about “child protection & family justice” with academic certainty, do visit Dramatis Personae – a most comprehensive index of all the players in the UK and Wales during the last 30 years.

Originally started in the UK, it’s been taken on board by a University at the West Coast in the US.

If it’s not money, it must be sex that makes the world go round… Unfortunately also in very traumatic and INSTITUTIONALISED ways of abuse…

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