Why are there websites like

and individual victim sites such as


  1. the ideals that people like Norman Scarth fought World War II for have gradually been sold out by the increasing influence of dishonest money which breeds dishonest behaviour and dishonest people
  2. with the tool of national debts, our governments have sold our nations to the global financial elite
  3. our nations have sold their financial and monetary sovereignty to private banksters
  4. and because the legal profession has helped facilitate the process:
  5. when the Bank of England was founded in 1694, the intention was

to avoid the serious oppression of Their Majesties’ subjects, by forbidding the Bank of England to trade.

Nevertheless it uses ‘financial products’ just like any other bank it supervises.

More over, our victims have discovered that it is used for ‘money laundering’…

And thus we should ask ourselves:

  1. who finances wars?
  2. who financed Hitler?
  3. why is Islam the enemy now?
  4. who won Communism and Socialism over to Capitalism and how?

One of the answers is: ‘riba’, the technique of making money out of money is a deadly sin in Islam.

Norman calls a spade a spade and a quisling a quisling. He has been in and out of courts often enough to know what he is doing.

He stands up for the principle of complying to the Rule of Law.

  • He broke a law that shouldn’t be one: to audio record in court
  • He is being held in very bad conditions
  • He is not getting his medications nor a doctor
  • He has to sleep in his clothes, for he is too cold.

I.e. he who has been fighting for the human rights of individuals in WWII and in courts, is being punished in a way that offends common sense and human empathy.

Google for his name and you’ll see what he stands for.

You can send him an email by using Email a Prisoner. You need a minimum of £5 and every email to Prisoner Number A1903CF in Leeds Prison costs 30 pence.