Norman ScarthWhat is the difference between the mainstream media and the blogosphere? In one you’re paid to do your job, in the other you’re fuelled by passion, curiosity and the pleasure of expressing your own thoughts and feelings. As a consequence, different stories are being considered worth writing about!

Similarly, it is fascinating to watch how the same facts can be written about with different levels of literary acumen. I do pray that Norman will live to read how he is becoming famous by his infamous behaviour of switching an audio recorder ON rather than OFF – as the crime considered worthy of punishing him with six months in solitary confinement and under draconian prison conditions.

Here, the cyber-reincarnation of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer writes:

And the remarkable Anna Raccoon who takes a jaundiced view of the main stream media, compares Norman with Charlie Gilmour only because he’s also in prison:

A less literary story is told by fellow starfighter Maurice Kirk with lots of photos on

And I used the blog I produced for Maurice to invite readers to the demo organised for Norman Scarth:

More links to click are:

Independent CandidateStanding as Independent Candidate
for Haltemprice & Howden.

A demo is waiting for you
to participate this Saturday at 10 am
outside Leeds Prison.

You can sen him an email using Email a Prisoner,
citing his prisoner number A 1903 CF.
See other recent posts for details, incl. donating cash.

You can twitter with #FreeNormanScarth and @FreeNorman.

And you can do whatever your cyber spirit moveth you to do – to support a man of principle, an individual with character and fighting spirit, a person of utter morality and integrity – not afraid to call a spade a spade.

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