The photo is published on Yorkshire News + Media Services Press Agency.

It shows the support of many people, yet far more keep signing the online petition Free WWII Veteran Norman Scarth from Leeds Prison. Once 100,000 are reached, we could get a Parliamentary debate!

The real test of the Judiciary will be the response to the Writ of Habeas Corpus that is used to release prisoners.

Quoting A1903CF, you can call the Prison Governor Rob Kellett on 0113 203 2600 and find out whether Norman gets his medication at long last, whether he is warm at night and whether he does get the emails that supporters pay for to get to him.

For you can use that prisoner number to send an email at 30p each via Email a Prisoner.

And you can appeal to authorities: Norman has sent a petition to HM The Queen.

You can write to his MP Marsha Singh ( ask him to write to the Lord Chancellor to release Norman on compassionate grounds.

Anything else that comes to mind: e.g.

Making Norman Scarth a household name, making his story to one that Christopher Booker in The Telegraph is describing of a “country of men” – that is what “going viral” and Publicity Online is about.  May you enjoy your way of spreading the word – online and/or offline.

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