It’s NOT only about numbers, even though 923 in 5 days is pretty impressive! It’s, above all, about the QUALITY of COMMENTS that came in and that I put together in this latest 22-page report.

Since yesterday I added a few more titles and am truly fired and inspired by sooo much support for Norman!

If possible, please show it also by coming to Administrative Court no. 28 at the Royal Courts of Justice tomorrow – at 10.30am. 

From my perspective of having looked at MANY victim stories of many different kinds, this is the best comment:

805. In the name of HUMANITY AND JUSTICE FREE THIS DEAR MAN and while you’re at it THE STATE should return all the kidnapped children by social services.

For just as you don’t believe that an 85-year-old WWII veteran can be imprisoned for recording a court session, unless you hear about it, you cannot believe the horrendous stories that are happening in the name of “child protection”: with gagging orders and in the Secrecy of Family Courts!

But crimes, injustice and pains cannot be compared… They must be endured and learned from. My mum said to me at a crucial turning point in my life: what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

Many, many thanks for your support for Norman! Now I need to update the mailing list.

More on Justice for Norman Scarth.

Also, more testimonials have come in:

  1. UK Political Prisoner Norman Scarth on Sharon Kilby’s blog with LOTS of documents to download
  2. Testimonials of clients whose horses Norman ‘whispered’ to.
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