Just as tweets can be fun reading, so are certainly the short comments that signers of our petition to Free Norman Scarth are leaving great reading.

Here’s the collection of comments up to no. 923.

And here’s the report by The Voice of Russia.

And here are my favourite ones of tonight, as we’re hoping that Norman will survive another week in bad prison conditions before the next hearing on Thursday 25 August.

1010. This man put his life on the line to fight for freedom, the very least we can do is sign a petition, I intend to get a banner made up and put it on a major bridge in the south/ anyone fancy joining me / hang in there Norman, we will not let it lie. All the best to you sir, wiggy

1012. Good luck Norman. You’ve been a hero once, so you have it in you to do the same again.

1066. I know that Jesus Christ would have no part in this injustice. So, in our incestuous legal and judicial system, why are all the judges who profess to be Christians keeping quiet? What is more important, Faith or Salary?

1055. I am immensely grateful to Mr. Scarth for risking his life during WWII helping my former compatriots and effectively my own family. I was born in the former Soviet Union. I am totally appalled how your veterans are treated in the UK, the country of supposed freedom and justice. My Granddad who was lost in action during the WWII would have been shocked by all this. Shame on those who put the British hero in jail for nothing. And let him free!!!! Kisses to the veteran!

1071. Wicked and evil to give such a wonderful man such a harsh sentence. Should have been no more than a small fine at most. In America recording of court proceedings is not illegal, major trials are even televised. There is far TOO MUCH SECRECY in our government (and corruption).

1138. We give our full support to Norman. To free Norman is not only right, but it is essential to all those who stand for freedom, liberty and justice.

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