Trying to keep up with the pace of signatures and comments on our online petition to free Norman Scarth, this is definitely my favourite comment of the day so far:

1290. This is such a disgraceful case & results in British Justice being an ass. The judge Rose & the court officials should be publicly flogged & hung from the Angel Of The North,

especially as I only learned recently about the Angel Of The North and read this comment by Noel O’Gara about Judge Rose!

The other one which you may want to copy / join:

1010. This man put his life on the line to fight for freedom, the very least we can do is sign a petition, I intend to get a banner made up and put it on a major bridge in the south/ anyone fancy joining me  / hang in there Norman, we will not let it lie. All the best to you Sir, wiggy.

As I’m collating comments, creating new titles and trying to make sense of Norman’s experience, I do wonder how HE makes sense of it all!…

One good piece of news: he has received all of the emails I sent him via Email a Prisoner.

But I do think it’s worth letting the Prison Governor have copies of these FANTASTIC comments!

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