This comment by signer 1229 of our online petition to Free WWII Veteran Norman Scarth from Leeds Prison is PRECISELY what the Secretary of State, The Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP can do and should do.

If not, he won’t only have the supporters in the court room to deal with:

The readers of

Here a few more favourites, as I keep collating comments:

1341. It goes without saying that this is not justice or even lawful. Please also consider the debarring of this judge who clearly is not a person who should grace the name of a judge. It is not appropriate for a judge to allow his emotions to rule his judgement. The word judgment implies sound mind devoid of personal bias.

1337. Norman Scarth’s treatment is an absolute crime against humanity and far from an isolated case of totalitarian corruption by the powerful elite that has an illegal and moral grip on our once peaceful nation. The only difference is that he is made of sterner stuff than most and has put up a challenge against the corruption, as many before and after him has failed. You must release this man, it is your moral duty. I never spoke out, I wasn’t a Jew… I’m sure you know the rest.

1223. Norman Scarth is amoungst the greatest living patriots of the British Isles and is a strong advocate of Liberty and Free speech . We the people should be humbled to be in the presence of a living war hero that has quite literally gone out on a limb to prottect our rights and freedom that we take for granted in todays modern world.

1196. Mr. Norman Scarth is a good man, with a sharp tongue…We should not be afraid of it. We should be afraid of guns.

1189. To anyone reading this you are next, if you do not stand up for yourself. Do not leave it to an 86 year old Man to fight for you.

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