Yesterday’s hearing resulted in Norman having to wait until the appeal hearing on “the first open date after September 2nd”.

Here’s the transcript of Justice Wyn Williams’ judgment.

Hence I’m updating the collection of comments on our petition Free WWII Veteran Norman Scarth from Leeds Prison.

Here are some gems for you:

1811. He froze his ass off on some of the worst convoys in WW2  for democracy and this is how they treat him? He would have had more rights under the Nazis than the ruling party in this country, it’s a disgrace!!!!!

1882. Free him! This man was willing to die for this country! He should not spend any time at all behind bars!

1905. This is an insult to all service men.

1916. Until recently, we were in the dark; the justice is part of the crown. The question is WHAT CROWN! If this goes before the queen Elizabeth Bench tomorrow, this man WILL be freed. If this man goes before the crown the Corporation based in the city of London, they may let him free. If you need help and would like to see how they are being dealt with send an email to dealwiththem (a) Know who you are and what you are!

1934. A man worthy of the epiphet ‘your honour’ locked up by someone addressed as ‘your honour’ but not worthy of such – better and more truthful epiphet for the judge would be ‘your dishonour’.

1943. Release this old man, you contemptuous, heartless, disgusting psychophants  No wonder the british legal system is ridiculed the world over!  Mr Scarth has more backbone than the entire legal profession (sic).

1973. I am a survivor of the Staffordshire Pindown institutional child abuse, and have been repeatedly denied justice, Stafford Police dropped my case and my solicitor Richard Wise died in what I consider to be mysterious circumstances. The same judge who colluded with wicked men and persecuted Norman Scarth is the one who discredited Operation Ore. Norman is a very very kind old man, and very brave. Why is he in prison when none of the people who abused me are? This is just disgusting!

1977. This a disgrace to all right minded people. That this is allowed beggars belief. Release him right now! Here is a real cause for civil action.

1981. I’m so sorry that the country you fought for has betrayed you like this Norman. Is there hope for the future? With people like you there is.

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