Last year it was journalist and author Heather Brooke who voiced her concerns about the difficulties of reporting on court cases without being allowed to record them.

This year we have Norman Scarth in jail since 26 July 2011 for having recorded!

Hence this invitation to sign Abolish the ban on court proceedings – as an add-on and spin-off to Free WWII Veteran Norman Scarth from Leeds Prison.

The first comments are very “promising”:

I was banned by a corrupt judge in Pontypridd, South Wales for taking notes in the public gallery during the fraudulent frame up of Patrick Cullinane by the South and Mid Wales Safety Camera Partnership.
The judge insisted that I handed over my notebook I refused. He accepted that the notebook and pen be kept arms length away from me.
Therefore, anything that means openness and transparency in Society – particularly closed sinister corruption within the HM Partnership; gets my support.

I had to pay for transcripts and had to wait weeks while the transcribers sent them to the court and the judge rewrote them to his satisfaction… all to cover up for an earlier judge who was covering up gross solicitor misconduct. There can be no justice through appeal if judges are allowed to alter the truth. Recording would close this – which is why judges don’t want recordings.

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