Public is one of those sites that are meant to maintain the illusion that we live a democratic society where we have our say, where our vote makes a difference and where government is an expression of the will of the people.

After many years of analysis and many websites of publishing, I have certainly come to other conclusions: institutionalised capitalism will forever widen the gap between

  • rich and poor
  • those who make money out of money (financial industry) and those in the real world (real economy)
  • the employed and the unemployed
  • the young and the elderly.

Social workers belong to those people who’d like to work and who’d like to enjoy their work. But when they get to meet “adoption targets“, it can’t be possible for them to enjoy doing what they are doing.

This article is therefore no surprise, while I have it from the horse’s mouth: the Nigerian couple whose six children were stolen by Haringey Council. Their story was recently published by the Nigerian national: British Govt Detains Nigerian Couple’s Six Children.

They know about quite a few people who have left. They know about whistleblowers and they know about those who regret that Haringey continues to cover up what they’ve been doing.

But, let’s hope NOT for ever and ever!

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