Norman’s been there. He knows he has reasons for worrying. Hence he wrote this:

For the personal attention of the Senior Officer at Tottenham Police Station,

I am greatly concerned for the well being of Mr. Maurice Kirk who is in your custody, & fear he may suffer the same fate as Christopher Alder in Hull Police Station.

I am also concerned that when I expressed my fears to 0208 345 0830 the woman who answered (but refused to give her name) (& had never heard of Christopher Alder) made the VERY sinister threat that she would have my call traced.  This is straight from the Gestapo/KGB/Stasi Rule Book.  As one who fought to keep the Gestapo from our shores, I am greatly disturbed that the very same practices are being followed by the successors to Dixon of Dock Green.

Norman Scarth.

PS:  See the attachment & you will realise WHY I am so concerned.  It would appear that all those men (British & German) who died in WW2 gave their lives in vain.   EVERYTHING  we fought against then is hear now in Police State Britain.    NS.

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