Joe Dowling did it, too: commit an offence to be arrested. He was deceived by his trusted family solicitor and wanted to provoke the Law Society into restoring his faith in the British Justice System.

Maurice also still believes that the right judges and the right politicians will sort things out. But as long as he watches the Musa parents suffer from the separation of their children, he will try to help.

On Friday, Mr J Bird of Powell Spencer & Partners promised in the presence of two police officers that, on Monday, the Musas could pick up the documents that were missing from the small pile they were given.

On Sunday morning, Maurice had the bright idea to ask for one of the 70 solicitors of the firm to represent him, when he was held in custody in Tottenham Police Station. However, that female solicitor did not leave her report behind. Today, she refused to acknowledge to have been there.

Maurice was also refused the remainder of the documents, of course and is being held in Kentish Town Police Station for a Public Order Offence. I believe that a bit of a kafuffle occurred when he tried to identify the solicitor who interviewed him on a list of staff…

He was very impressed by the Magistrates and the Duty Solicitor in Haringey on Monday morning. Will he before similarly “just” minds tomorrow???

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