Maurice Kirk & Norman Scarth outside the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand in London

Norman Scarth knows what hell holes prisons are. He has only recently been put there on highly questionable grounds, resulting in a lot of support and public outcries.

He now faxed this admirable page to the Governor of HMP Cardiff, reminding him of his powers and duties – partly formulated in the Nuremberg Trials!

In 2009, Norman had helped Maurice get out of the psychiatric clinic. Will Norman’s magic wand of eloquence help Maurice as he is  expected to face the forensic psychiatrist responsible in Cardiff Magistrates Court on Nov. 10th?

Whilst in prison, Maurice wrote this Chronology of Collusion – Or Shall we Dare Call it Conspiracy?

See Dr. Tegwyn Williams, Director of Caswell Clinic on Maurice’s website.

These WANTED posters are now the object of contention of ‘harassing Dr Williams’, even though Maurice had checked with police officers about their lawfulness.

Another example for criminals criminalising victims. I begin to think that there is no chance for justice in the UK…

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