Ian Josephs, publisher of Forced Adoption and helper of many women who need to have their babies abroad, wrote Punishment without Crime.

It’s not enough to lose your child(ren), you may also end up in jail. That’s what applies to the two cases that Christopher Booker describes in his latest article Behind a wall of secrecy, parents who lost their children are now in jail – Lord Justice Wall has personally taken over two curious and troubling cases:

  • Vicky Haigh who lost her daughter and had to flee to Ireland to save her baby from “Social” Services
  • The Musas whose six Children were kidnapped by Haringey Police and Social Services.

I know that the general public prefers to believe the authorities than the victims. However, in Vicky’s case, the police videos of her daughter are convincing evidence that was conveniently ignored.

In the case of the Musas, just look at the photos of a happy family to be convinced that they would hardly fit any of the RIDICULOUS allegations that Haringey Council have come up with to feed to the Crown Prosecutor.

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