Gagged from publishing anything about the childrenFIND FAVOUR (aka Lizzy) MUSA 

£1,000 Reward

£1,000 for anyone who produces a video of Favour in which she recounts:

  1. her experiences since April 2010 when she was taken, up to the present day, including
  2. if and when she was abused in care and by whom
  3. why she refused to see her mother or speak to her by phone if indeed that was the case
  4. whether she really wrote the letter in the garden saying she and the other children were beaten by her mother or whether it was a forgery with different handwriting
  5. whether or not she has asked to go to court and been refused
  6. why she now never sees her brother and her sisters
  7. how many times she or her siblings have seen Michelle Collins or have been staying with her.

Favour is the eldest of the
six children of the Nigerian
Musa Family.

She was taken into “care” by Haringey Council in April 2010 and has not been seen or heard from, since she reported
in August that she had been “inappropriately touched”,
while in “care”. Haringey Council are breaking all the laws regarding “care” and “contact” with all six children and have supplied no medical or school reports to the parents.

Please help us find Favour
last seen at 21 Memstead Road, Erith, Kent DA8 3LA!

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