Florence Bellone is a Belgian journalist who has investigated child snatching in the UK for a considerable time. As a result, she has

  1. written to the Education Select Committee: The Child Protection System in England
  2. won a Special Radio Prize for Great Britain: The Stolen Children.

The Grand Jury distinguished the report for its investigative merit in highlighting a human rights issue occurring in a highly-developed European Member State. The piece was characterised as ‘a technically impressive, investigative report into shocking and relatively unknown human rights violations’.

The Education Select Committee has released a new invitation for written evidence to be submitted by 23 January 2012. It must address at least one of three bullet points:

  • The impact of neglect and the long term consequences of a delay in intervention where there is evidence of neglect;
  • Older young people (especially those aged 15 to 19) and child protection;
  • Thresholds for intervention, for taking children into care and for adoption.

My own contribution to the Committee is in draft form here.

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