This is the full title with ‘interesting’ bullet points on a Daily Mail article today:

The criminals in uniform: Almost 1,000 officers with convictions from drug dealing to perverting justice are still in the police

  • Two detective chief inspectors among 944 officers in England and Wales with a criminal record
  • One officer found guilty of gross misconduct after sending racist and sexist texts is still in his job
  • Hundreds of others facing misconduct allegations are allowed to escape punishment by quitting their forces

What if we could add all those who escaped punishment because of their complicit lawyers, court staff and judges?

What if that infamous Memorandum of Understanding between ACPO and the Law Society was replaced by a gentleman’s agreement to actually comply with the Rule of Law?

What if the 21 MPs who signed Early Day Motion 516 Reporting of Fraud were listened to? It should result in

  • the simplification of the procedure by which members of the public may report suspected cases of fraud
  • proper investigations of fraudulent actions
  • appropriate compensation of the victims of these crimes.

Maybe child snatching aks State Kidnapping would also be discovered as fraud and perversion of justice which the police contribute to!…



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