“Glitches” in the child protection system – resulting in adoptions that should never happen let alone be speeded up


There is a new blog on the child snatching block: We Can Change the World.

That’s where people are invited to log the facts of their dramas and sufferings.

Similarly, I’d like to invite people to log the ‘glitches’ they have experienced, by addressing titles such as:

  1. Social Services – Thresholds
    • Children’s Guardian
    • Legal Teams
    • Children’s Solicitor
  3. Family Courts
    • The Secrecy can not produce anything good.
    • Social Services reports are taken as FACTS.
    • Families statements are not taken into account.
  4. Foreign Nationals


The truth behind the adoption system in Wales


ITV Wales have looked into what happens to the 5,000 children in “care” in Wales. Their text says:

An ITV Wales investigation has revealed the true challenge facing our adoption services across Wales.

And with the number of children in foster care, homes and other servies soaring to a record high, the figures we’ve uncovered make grim reading

There are currently five thousand children who are in care in Wales. Many of those are not suitable for adoption, but of those that are only 200 complete the process each year

The average time for an adoption is just over two-and-a-half years.


It’s a Fit Up: excellent article about another shocking imprisonment


The Sovereign Independent is an excellent paper, and here is an excellent article about another shocking imprisonment related to child abuse aka paedophilia.

Robert Green has been exposing the abuse that Hollie Greig has endured and the harassment she and her mother have been subjected to.

What ‘gratitude’ when asking for justice and fairness! Children and vulnerable adults such as Hollie Greig get traumatised. Parents and supporters get gagged, criminalised and imprisoned. Are human rights worth the paper they are written on???

A good radio show with Brian Gerrish here.


Adopting Stephen Fry’s rules of Kindly Welcomes and Genuine Friendliness


When the number and quality of negative comments became unbearable on Vicky Haigh’s site, I set it to ‘private’. Here I have only occasionally deleted comments that I did not consider either inspiring, empowering or helpful.

Now I have come across Stephen Fry’s rules:

  • Kindly welcomes
  • Genuine friendliness
  • Consideration and appreciation of others
  • Acceptance and friendship
  • Intolerance only of rudeness and unkindness.

It would be ‘nice’ if commentator would adhere to them, PLEASE! Isn’t there enough negativity out there? Look at my latest ‘wake up call’.

With many thanks in advance,



UK MPs raise Concerns over ‘corrupt and hostile’ Judiciary – in the Maldives


Thanks to Colin Peters, I learned about these MPs criticising the judiciary in the Maldives:

Please put your comment on this Maldivean publication or this one and / or write to the MPs. Here’s what I sent:

Dear …

I was most interested to read about your willingness to criticise the Judiciary in the Maldives for being ‘corrupt and hostile’. Might we therefore count on you supporting our criticisms in the UK, by asking the Minister of Justice how he expects corruption and hostility towards victims of white collar crimes to go away here, in the UK?


McKenzies coming to the Rescue of Litigants in Person and Parents whose Children got Snatched


Old Bailey

So far, I called them ‘victims turned starfighters’ and they will all have acted as McKenzie Friend in that learning process.

Now Belinda McKenzie (!)  came up with the idea of an Association of McKenzie Friends to give ‘public interest advocacy’ more clout and presence in the legal process.

Maurice Kirk experiences the loopholes in the law in prison as a litigant in person. The Musas have been criminalised by Haringey Council after they kidnapaped their six children and have very similar experiences in prison:

  • not being ‘produced’ by the prison staff for court hearings
  • not being able to meet court deadlines when McKenzie Friends are not allowed legal visits to take documents in and out of prison
  • not being able to type and photocopy documents.



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