Old Bailey

So far, I called them ‘victims turned starfighters’ and they will all have acted as McKenzie Friend in that learning process.

Now Belinda McKenzie (!)  came up with the idea of an Association of McKenzie Friends to give ‘public interest advocacy’ more clout and presence in the legal process.

Maurice Kirk experiences the loopholes in the law in prison as a litigant in person. The Musas have been criminalised by Haringey Council after they kidnapaped their six children and have very similar experiences in prison:

  • not being ‘produced’ by the prison staff for court hearings
  • not being able to meet court deadlines when McKenzie Friends are not allowed legal visits to take documents in and out of prison
  • not being able to type and photocopy documents.

Trying to help parents whose children have been snatched is made more difficult, as ‘the other side’ consists of Social Services and CAFCASS in addition to a labyrinth of family court procedures.

But McKenzie Friends are learning by doing. We shall use the world wide Peaceful Protest against child abuse on Tuesday 6th March as the opportunity for joining forces and bring McKenzies to Westminster. Watch this space, click to follow this blog and stay tuned!

The invitation to join Anonymous vs Social Services on Saturday 3rd March – in the London Borough of Haringey – has been spelled out on YouTube and on Facebook.

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