Victims of white collar crimes know that

‘Integral to the success of the fraud were a number of corrupt individuals and insiders.’

Here’s the full story in the Daily Mail that, so far, has only touched three elderly home owners. And who cares about the legions of bankrupts and those whose homes have been repossessed or whose children are taken unlawfully?

I am newly fuelled by injustice. But it’s hard to see how to tackle what has become a police state. Look at what “lay expert” Mr Ebert has discovered:

1. The Definition of Hearsay Evidence
Any document not supported by evidence is inadmissible and considered a lie

2. The Malicious Communications Act 1988
One hour of sleepless night is ‘torture’

3. The County Courts Act 1983
Requires county courts to be courts of record

4. Article 5 of the UK Human Rights Act
The right to speedy hearings when liberty is at stake

5. The South Africa Apartheid Litigation (2005)
The state machinery mustn’t act like in South Africa or Nazi Germany…

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