The Daily Telegraph published this article where Austin Mitchell MP said “the self-regulation of solicitors was failing consumers.”

Eleven years later: the legal mafia has extended its activities into the family courts in ways that cannot but baffle anybody who has any common sense:

  • Channel IV revealed on Tuesday evening that ‘experts’ are being paid to ‘judge’ parents and children such that they end up being separated for life

The Daily Mail published on the same day:

And a day later: The doctor who broke up families: psychiatrist who damned  hundreds as ‘unfit parents’ faces GMC probe

Quotes from the announcement:

I think the results from the research are enough to suggest that we do need an urgent review across the range of expert witnesses that the courts are employing. Prof Jane Ireland, University of Central Lancashire

After the death penalty the most draconian act that the state can do is remove a family’s child. Nigel Priestly, lawyer

In my observation, ‘child snatching’ is the tip of the iceberg called ‘white collar crimes’ aka fraud

  • child snatchers are Social Services, helped by Police, aided by legal teams and sanctioned by Judges: they create false reports, falsify court documents such that they look ‘official’ and create orders without courts having any records or judges having been sitting
  • likewise, judges rely on previous judgements without checking evidence
  • should a civil family court case also come into a criminal court because of false imprisonment, the purpose is to get children adopted, while parents are in prison, rather than the heightened scrutiny regarding evidence.

Whether people are found guilty “beyond any reasonably doubt” or “on the balance of probabilities” depends on the jury of a criminal court or a succession of judges in a civil court who just rely on each other, rather than on evidence.

And thus it is up to us McKenzie Friends to advocate in the public interest. For nobody else seems to have the public interest at heart.

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