Yes, we are outraged, Camilla!

THANK YOU for having picked up the baton of the Times Campaign again and published Remove the veil of secrecy from these fakesSo-called expert witnesses in the family courts hold children’s fate in their hands. But they are nothing of the sort.

Well written, especially with the hook of more “secret trials”: the reform programme has stalled!

John Hemming MP said in his latest interview “we need to become less punitive so that people can change their minds and admit to having made a mistake.”

Yes, the culture of cover-ups is horrendous. I’ve just come across the story where over 1,000 people died from chemicals, but everybody covers up.

And Sir Nicholas Wall said “professionals don’t lie”. That was enough reason for subsequent judges believing “expert witnesses” and that the Musas have given drugs to their youngest baby. And that’s the reason for them not only being in prison since November 2011, but also not being given bail and their seventh child, that was born in prison, being removed right after birth.

Yes, I am outraged and so are many others. Check blogs, Facebook and YouTube. The web is our only outlet, unless professionals like you let their outrage guide their typing. THANK YOU while Action Fraud writes that complex cases are beyond their remit…

To undo the stealing of children is simple: return them to their birth parents and pay them compensation for the trauma they have had to experience – let alone the children!

Is it too hard to apologise for mistakes?

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