That’s quite an effort to make: ten days of demoing from 9:30 to 4:30 each day!

But the Campaign for Truth and Justice has done it before. Its founder Caul Grant has spent six years in prison under totally false pretenses, after he lost his son to the NHS. Not surprisingly his marriage and job, too…

He writes:

We plan to be there from about 9:30 am to 4:30 pm each day, so far there has been a very positive feedback and we have made links with others who are disgruntled with the system.

We have also begun a leafleting campaign, naming and shaming judges who have directly played a part in perverting the due course and have thus provoked a reaction from the State.

Visible publicity is a must if we should have any real hope of achieving our aims and objectives. I have also discovered the power of Twitter, its been great to reach out to others and have had many RTs.

May we end up with more and more concerted actions re:

  1. supporting innocent people in prison
  2. improving their prison conditions [legal visits for McKenzie Friends]
  3. writing to people in power positions who can make a difference
  4. supporting victims of child snatching in meetings with Social Services (where we’ve been successful!)
  5. supporting victims in courts
  6. lobbying MPs
  7. online PR
  8. ANYTHING that helps the cause and the victims!
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