What do They Know is a marvellous site for making requests according to the Freedom of Information Act.

This list of poignant questions was answered by the City of London Police and gave rise to the following comments by WWII Veteran and Human Rights connaisseur Norman Scarth:

In the link above, the City Of London Police give a link to an announcement from the Attorney General’s Office, in which they mention ‘Civil Restraint Orders’.  These were brought in under Lord Woolf’s Civil Procedures Rules.  This shows how Woolf’s ‘Reforms'(?), far from ‘simplifying the law’ & giving people ‘ACCESS to JUSTICE’, were really designed to make Britain more of a Police State, giving MORE ways to obstruct victims of State Crime from seeking a remedy in the courts.

Lord Denning was rated (BY SOME!) as the finest judge of the 20th Century.  In his book ‘WHAT NEXT IN THE LAW’ he wrote about ‘Abuse of Power’.  “ Whoever may be guilty of abuse of power, be it Government, State, Employer, Trade Union or whoever, the law must provide a speedy remedy.  Otherwise the victims will find their own remedy.  There will be anarchy.

A most important warning to the nation – but is notable that Denning excluded the judiciary from his list of those who might abuse their power!  Some of his earlier words were less worthy.  At one of his lectures to the Holdsworth Club at Birmingham University he said, “No British judge has been biased for 300 years (palpable nonsense, but many subscribe to that view INCLUDING the ECtHR – see elsewhere.)  In Sirrus v Moore, 1974, he said, “No matter that (a judge) be motivated by the utmost malice, greed, envy & all uncharitableness, he is not liable to any action”.  This self-proclaimed immunity was falsely proclaimed, but accepted as the word of God ever since.

Elsewhere he said, “Better that innocent men should remain in prison than that the integrity of the judiciary be impugned” – in gross contempt of his own Judicial Oath, & that of the Sovereign, in whose name he purported to act.    His very words belie that ‘integrity’!
Norman Scarth.

PS:  Yes, there are a TINY HANDFUL of Litigants who are indeed ‘vexatious’, but this is used as an excuse to bring in draconian measures to obstruct the many genuine people who do not resort to anarchy, but (in spite of all the evidence to the contrary) are STILL naïve enough to believe that ‘Justice’ can be found in British courts, & persist in seeking it there.

PPS:  One sentence from the AG:

The Attorney places a high priority on protecting members of the public and employees of the court service from abuse and harassment at the hands of vexatious litigants, and on preventing the obstruction of the court system.”

No priority at all about protecting members of the public from Corrupt Judges, Crooked Lawyers & Bent Coppers!  NS.

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