Quite a few “Targeted Individuals” have come my way and I’ve never felt quite comfortable with their allegations / stories / claims about ‘electronic harassment’ and ‘gang stalking’.

Now, however, one person was killed after long sleep deprivation. His inquest was so bizarre, that John Allman vowed to do him justice by setting up first KILLED.org.uk and more recently John Allman, UK so that people can have their say.

Among the comments are two wonderful rational explanations

  1. Peter F in comment #10 speaks about his experience as part of military intelligence
  2. EB in comment #33 explains how it works and how any silly body can ‘play’ with this nasty stuff.

Long live the kind of anarchy created by lawlessness of the elite 1% who  base their power on dishonest money and positions in institutions that don’t live up to their remit…

Furthermore, I have been given the following links:

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