No, you can’t believe that it is happening. And you must wonder why. I was alarmed to it for the first time in July 2010, when I published this document on one of my blogs.

Eventually, I had enough emails to do what I like doing: publish information that I consider important. This time it was about a woman whose eigth child was taken. It was allergic to industrial milk and she had photos how mother’s milk bottles in the fridge, as Social Services had not picked them up. Result: an ‘injunction order’ by Swansea Council – via! That’s how I learned about the secrecy in family courts.

However, what was immediately obvious to me was the falsification of seemingly official documents. I had seen those kind of ‘mistakes’ in bankruptcies, home repossessions and other ‘white collar crimes’. 

But Vicky Haigh’s gag was removed, thanks to John Hemming MP who has over 1,600 cases on file. He chairs not only Justice for Families, but also helps lots of families legally and politically. Vicky’s council was Doncaster who served the second  ‘injunction’ on me.

Before I set out to publish a site in support of the Musas, I contacted WordPress. As I was caring for my mum in Germany, I was outside the jurisdiction of UK family courts. But once she passed away, I came back and eventually was tricked into accepting another injunction – this time by Haringey.

Now there is this new video as an attempt to enlighten more people. My most comprehensive summary is Punishment without Crime. And my summary of how the mainstream media have been trying to enlighten people is here.

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