My late husband was right: the Government always achieves the opposite of what it sets out to do:

  • child ‘protection’ is actually about child snatching
  • patent ‘protection’ is actually about stealing your invention for financial exploitation by the ‘big boys’
  • it’s actually “mis-selling” – just as the banks are doing it…

As reported by The Telegraph, Michael Wilcox burned his patent outside Westminster recently.

This Financial Times article is entitled Patents merely satisfy a professor’s pride. It quotes explicitly what I was told by an American IP lawyer years ago: patents are the game of the big boys.

…”we will put a hundred patent lawyers on it to write a hundred patents a days, and you will spend the rest of your life, and the gross domestic product of your little island, suing us.”

Members of the SME Innovation Alliance are now making these requests via a few politicians. Watch this space!

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