A Place for Paedophiles

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I know it’s too unbelievable. I also ignored the first information I got for quite some time, for it’s all too ‘incredible': that the State uses the time and money of its employees to provide children for paedophiles. But: the Royal Commission into New South Wales Police concluded, already in 1996: corruption, reform and paedophilia.

Here, the most recent evidence is:

And the most comprehensive BELIEVABLE collection of stories:

To my utter amazement, the mainstream media are reproducing, without checking at all, a press release relating to the Musa conviction and sentencing.

It is so farcical that I am amazed that media people believe the great British general public can be so gullible.

But then they were also led to believe that Aliens would show up for the closing ceremony of the Olympics!… Check what’s unique in the UK – besides the class system that relies on becoming sexually aware in boarding schools!…

Since I risk prison, if I were to write about the children, I can only write about a family I’m aware of in Wales: the mother has been prevented from seeing her children in ‘care’, after her daughter reported the 12-year old son of the foster carers touched her private parts…

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