In my observation, most victims of Social Services and secret Family Courts tend to believe in justice and fairness, until they experience very harsh realities.

This was true for a Slovak father who lost his two sons to foster parents who were allowed to adopt them.

When he gave up believing in The Rule of Law, he spoke to the press and TV in his home country. This TV news reported on 21st August 2012 on the ‘absurdity of Social Services’ as well as a protest against child snatching in Nottingham. 

He lost his £50,000 p.a. job as well as his house, due to the trauma inflicted upon him.

He knows of some 30 Slovak families who are affected as well as many others, especially from small countries.

The TV programme caused John Hemming MP to table this Early Day Motion: HUMAN RIGHTS and FORCED ADOPTIONS in the ENGLISH and WELSH COURTS. Please ask your MP to sign it!

In his desperation and hope for justice, he wrote this letter to the Prime Minister:

The Rt Hon David Cameron MP
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA
United Kingdom

Dear Mr. Cameron

I am a Slovak father of three boys and a girl,

Two years ago social services took my two youngest boys, aged 3 and 4 years, into care and began the process of investigation with a view to put them up for adoption.

My sons and I have been made the victims of a long and drawn out investigation which has resulted in the judge’s decision being to allow my sons to be adopted. There is no evidence to suggest that I am guilty of abusing my children, there cannot be as I did not do it. Still, it was found that I was the responsible party. It is impossible to prove that I did not do it, and my request to undergo a polygraph test has been declined / ignored.

I have no idea on where else to turn, but I am desperate to prove my innocence so that I can be reunited with my children. Please can you help me to have all the evidence re-checked, and the case re-opened so that I can bring my children home.

I look forward to hearing back from you and I can be contacted as follows

Yours sincerely

Vladimir Boor
07511 564 116

PS. It is my intention to appeal to Ivan Gašparovič – the president of Slovakia for assistance

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