Bankruptcy Filings...

I started Victims Unite because it seemed necessary to distinguish between monetary causes and  their effects: victims of financial exploitation and legal fraud.

Shocked by four fraudulent bankruptcies, I tried to help. But besides discovering more and more horror stories, I also discovered child snatching as a major issue.

When mainstream media pick up an issue, it becomes credible. Hence I put this collection of titles and links together as an overview.

And today we have the Western Mail, the National Newspaper of Wales, having Concerns raised over Welsh children taken into care sent to live miles from their homes.

In the worst of all cases, I saw court orders regarding the placement of children too far away being ignored.

In the worst of all bankruptcies known, Mr Ebert has been sent to prison, as victims become victimised – and none of this would be possible, if we had an honest money system. Paulette H Cooper is not with us any more…

Norman Scarth was put in prison for ridiculous reasons and even fled the country he fought for. Maurice Kirk is inside again for ‘suspicion’ of having breached a court order. It couldn’t get worse, I don’t think.

But everybody is “just doing their job”. This is only possible, if Government or other financial institutions have the money to employ people to “do their job”, especially to spy on others or ruin them, financially, physically and / or emotionally…

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