This Daily Mail article on 14th Sept 2012 is Stephen Glover’s account of his disillusionment and loss of faith in the ‘establishment’.

It could have been a summary of my 14 years of exposure to victim stories…

He cites:

  • cover-up, lies, obfuscation and incompetence in the South Yorkshire Police and ambulance service in the 1989 Hillborough disaster
  • the Police, Parliament, the Church, the civil service, government, the City and parts of the Press turn out to be self-serving, incompetent or dishonest
  • hundreds of paedophile cases in the Roman Catholic Church
  • the Church of England being slow to act in sexual abuse cases
  • the bankers: some of them showed recklessness and greed, while behaving as if the banks were their own property
  • most of all, we have been disheartened by the lies and evasions of government: Tony Blair manipulated the evidence in taking this country to war against Iraq.

Here is where I need to introject the link to a blog that I found thanks to Operation Ore with the suggestion that Blair was blackmailed by Bush into the Iraq war, by publishing that list of UK elite paedophiles – with a supportive article along these lines of criticism / exposure / investigation here.

According to the investigating Portuguese Police Officer, the McCanns were also closer to them than the truth about their daughter…

Stephen Glover asks: why should our institutions behave in this way and resist being accountable?

  • His tentative suggestion is that they have been reluctant to adopt the democratic age
  • they retain a conviction that they know what is best for us
  • there is a sense in which politicians, the police and the civil service still regard us almost as serfs with limited rights.

There’s good cause to be disenchanted by the way the police and so many of our other institutions cover up their mistakes and wrong-doing.

“Disenchanted?” The victims I know are deeply wounded, profoundly hurt and are desperately fighting a struggle that is far too hard in a battle that is simply too long…

US journalist Leah McGrath Goodman became a victim of the UK Establishment when she spoke about what she was researching: child abuse in Jersey

My explanation is that little boys are traumatised when they are torn away from their parents and sent to boarding schools. There the only ‘substitute’ for love is what older boys or teachers show them…

In secret family courts, they act out later what happened to them in childhood: they separate children from their parents…

We have now set up Taxpayers Unite! as a group that tackles accountability and illegality, starting with war crimes. For wars were made illegal in 1928 with the Kellogg-Briand Pact!

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