Protesters prepare for a photo on World Enviro...

Protesters prepare for a photo on World Environment Day at a log dump in the Central Highlands, Victoria, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 1981 I was told by a physicist who had contributed to the invention of Trident, that 1.7% of humanity are responsible for the arms race:

  • governments
  • banks and central banks
  • arms producers
  • the military
  • scientists.

Then (before the internet was born) I had the vision of a ‘peace network’ of people and computers protecting our planet. Wanting to concentrate on positive aspects, I tried to focus on the 98.3%.

Occupy has pointed out that we are 99%.

Blog Action Day has been happening since 2007; first focussing on Environment, 2008 on Poverty, 2009 on Climate Change, 2010 on Water and 2011 on Food.

This year the theme is The Power of We which has already reached ‘branding’ status: register your blog for October 15th and feel The Power of We online!

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