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In 5,500 words David Icke tells the story: Jimmy Savile – Doorman to the Cesspit.

The Yorkshire Post refers to 340 inquiries in Savile banned from children’s homes for abuse.

The Savile affair and the media – the watchdog which didn’t bark is an article on Inforrm – The International Forum for Responsible Media Blog.

Here’s “Men of Steel” – a conversation between Tony Farrell and David Pidcock about South Yorkshire Police and its shortcomings.

Tonight, I shall share my story of discovering child ‘protection’ as child snatching in this webinar.

Mind the Gap: between online publications and the Mainstream Media! But this mainstream media overview shows that there is awareness of what’s going with Social Services and child abuse.

Christopher Booker’s latest article confirms our views and experiences: The worst scandal I’ve seen in my 50-year career.

It has been said that the Royal Commission into NSW Policing in 1997 started with celebrities and resulted in a volume on corruption, one on reform and one on paedophilia… What about “The Power of We” next?