Newsnight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the real live quote of a boy who saw his mum at a ‘contact centre’, after having been separated from his parents by Social Services:

Mummy, what is ‘paedophilia’?

I don’t know. I will look it up.

We know the parents who are foreigners, and we have observed that foreigners seem to be targeted by Social Services.

We know the foster parents who used the word in front of the boy. But what can we do?

Even the mainstream media are ‘getting it’ at long last:

And bloggers are riding the Savile tide with great stride:

Ben Fellows: I ran the gauntlet of paedophiles – both at the BBC and at other TV production companies, and also in theatres, as well as on commercial photo shoots.

I wonder now about high level Jews keeping his dirty secrets…

The sad fact is that in the UK and Canada the secret Intelligence / security services are known to see part of their role as operating outside the law to illegally protect establishment elites from justice when they do wrong.

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