I only know one of them: American Melissa Laird who has not had seen her then 4-year old boy since December 2011, when she was separated from him in Spain. She was on her 16th day of not taking either food or drink when we visited her yesterday.

But nobody takes any notice. Except those four inmates who also find it unbearable to be separated from their children ‘without sound reason’ or ‘just cause’, as the Slovak Government refers to ‘care’ and forced adoptions in the UK. One of the mothers is Russian.

Another exception is a journalist and author who booked a visit. But later he got a call to cancel it!… He has been advised that a Judicial Review would be his ‘remedy’, i.e. next legal step.

It is not ‘nice’ to think that UK Police and Social Services used a hospital visit for Melissa’s little boy in Spain as a pretext of snatching him. Pretending that she could only see him again, if she were to sign an extradition paper, they took hold of him and flew her to HMP Holloway.

A number of family court hearings took place where at least twice she was not ‘produced’. But who cares, as long as Social Services get what they want, the child, and the judiciary appears to put a legal blanket over their wrong-doings?

She is being held on ‘immigration issues’ and a judge recently refused bail because “the welfare of the child” is of paramount importance. So far, nobody had the decency of establishing a DNA test to prove that the boy is hers or get witnesses to attest what a good mother she is. And what lies is the boy being told???

There are many variations on the theme of child snatching. And there are many people who believe that Social Services are doing the right thing – at times. But John Hemming MP says:

they get involved when they shouldn’t and don’t get involved when they should.

He is the only MP who tries to make a difference and has over 1,700 cases on file with his campaigning group Justice for Families.

Parents Against Injustice have dealt with over 13,000 cases! How many more Jimmy Savile scandals does the UK need, before it becomes common knowledge what, so far, only victims of Secret Family Courts and their supporters are aware of?

How many more children need to die in ‘care’ or get abused?

How many more bad statistics need to be published?

How many more mothers will be forcibly drugged because they protect their children?

When will the people who have the power to make a difference begin to care???