In this interview, the PM still believes that his country works:

  • the Police protects potential and actual victims
  • the Courts deliver Justice
  • the CPS ensures that perpetrators are brought to Justice.

Organising meetings of the Forum for Stable Currencies at Westminster has taught me otherwise and led me to publishing Victims Unite:

In short: anything that is meant to be true, is false, and anything that is meant to be false, turns out to be true. But it’s a tough  learning curve to come to these realisations!

That’s what the Emperor’s Clothes was about and that’s what we are waking up to, in a kind of shock therapy. The PM can’t escape this rude awakening either, it seems – thanks to the marvels of the internet!

The list of the elite paedophiles is here. A list of Labour paedophiles is on And an abuse survivor has put a list of some 16,000 paedophiles together:

The list of UK names in Operation Ore is here.

This video is entitled Child Abuse, Jimmy Savile and our Politicians and tells the story of Savile as a ‘procurer’ of children or, as David Icke had put it: the doorman to the cesspit and illustrates a number of ‘interesting’ allegations that one seems to have heard, seen and read about in different contexts, including Sun, Sea and Satan.

The video‘s recommendations are:

  1. change the Libel Law in the UK
  2. an end to D-Notices – with reference to Operation Ore naming 7,272 paedophiles in 1999
  3. no locking away of papers for hundred years or so
  4. politicians to be checked each year against the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB checked)
  5. no terms of reference for enquiries (limiting the scope)
  6. stop the Devil from finding work for idle hands
  7. stop allowing the elite to think they are special. Take away their privileges…

There are more paedophiles in the Establishment and the Governing Elite than there are among ordinary people.