The section of St. Joseph Street in the colleg...

The section of St. Joseph Street in the college is co-named Marshall McLuhan Way. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have come across Marshall McLuhan, you will have come across his statement The Medium is the Message. What he meant was that the form of the medium ‘embeds’ itself in the message.

What is the the key difference between Mainstream Media (MSM) and Social Media (SM)? The fact that the MSM are controlled by their owners, shareholders and editors, i.e. employees are ‘professionals’ who have to ‘follow the rules’ or else they lose their job and pension.

Social media are shaped by ‘amateurs’ who are driven by passion and their desire to express their ideas, beliefs and the information they have come across. Money and ‘career’ do not play the essential role. Everybody can become their own journalist and broadcaster. We don’t need the MSM any more to get heard! We can listen to each other!

Having organised the Forum for Stable Currencies since 1998 at the House of Lords, I was acutely aware of the mainstream media shying away from these ‘complex’ issues. Hence I decided to ‘move online’, hoping to make more of a difference. For what is there to do:

The McAlpine farce makes it painfully clear that the Rule of Money has replaced the Rule of Law:

  • he who has the money pays the lawyer and pulls the MSM strings where people are afraid of losing their jobs
  • lawyers are the demi-gods who can impose big cost bills, fines and can send you to prison, if you’re not ‘nice'; so it’s worth paying them to threaten your enemies.

But there are people who don’t give into threats and stand their ground:

  1. David Icke provokes Tweeters not to turn into jelly
  2. John Ward publishes The Slog with a remarkable 10,000 visits a day on average and the advice he was given by counsel
  3. Aangirfan is more complete about Savile and McAlpine than any other I’ve come across
  4. 21st Century News covers the subject
  5. Aftermath News has covered Savile, but not yet McAlpine
  6. the original elite list was published five years ago on the McCann Exposure site
  7. Googling Savile and McAlpine on YouTube results in many hits
  8. the ‘Core of Rape’ of the controlling society we live under
  9. Henry Makow in Canada: Satanist Pedophiles Rule Great Britain.

And thus we may end up addressing the CAUSE of all those victims whose sexual abuse often seems to end in financial and other disasters. Sex and money are very closely related, it seems…

We may end up echoing the writers of the Bank of England Act 1694 who wanted to avoid the serious oppression of Their Majesties’ Subjects…