13 01 01 Slovak KidsThe plane landed: this is the translated title in a Slovak paper of the story that is typical for institutionalised child snatching aka State Stealing Children or State Kidnapping.

However, in an unprecedented way, this story ended with the return of the children – mainly due to the involvement of the Slovak government. Not just the Embassy here in London. That was not enough:

That could NOT quite be ignored by the Court of Appeal and the return of the boys was promised before 4th January.

Today, on the first day of the New Year, the plane landed in Bratislava!

On 4th January, Christopher Booker told the story in the second part of his weekly column in The Telegraph: Free at last – a Slovak Family Happily Reunited.

This drama demonstrates that

  • the NHS is one of the many institutions colluding with ‘the system’ that is too ‘unreal’ to be believed by most people
  • taking children away from their biological parents, preferably foreigners
  • criminalising their parents and even imprisoning them
  • ruining their lives not only emotionally, but legally, financially and professionally
  • destroying the bonding between children and parents
  • traumatising children and possibly to expose them to sexual and other abuse
  • under the veil of Secrecy in the Family Courts
  • the pretence of ‘interest of the child’
  • and the seeming appearance of ‘lawfulness’ and ‘legality’ – of which we have seen only the opposite…

I just wonder how many more children need to be snatched, how many other Governments need to stand up for their children, how many more parents need to experience punishment without crime, how many more petitions need to be signed and how many more comments need to be written… Or, should this good news be symbolic for a turn of the tide at long last???

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