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It’s obviously time to write to Buckingham Palace again, even though it doesn’t seem to achieve anything at all – besides prompt responses, passing me on to Ministers who don’t communicate.

So I’m just soothing my conscience: I want to die, knowing that I’ve tried my best. I want HM to know what, just like in all the fairy tales of the world, Her Ministers won’t tell her. Because they don’t seem to have the ethics, morals and integrity necessary to be a ‘voice for the people’. At its best, they are, what my husband used to call a ‘mutual adoration society’. But, in reality, they are making civil abuse of royal privileges as enshrined in Royal Charters.

Since 2008 I’ve been writing as the Organiser of the Forum for Stable Currencies, after a human rights lawyer had advised us to ‘go for Parliamentary Scrutiny via the Treasury Select Committee‘. 

I had fed the lawyer with

I had fed the Committee with

But I had given up on changing what’s so dishonest with our money system as the CAUSE of societal ills. I concentrated on the EFFECTS: victims of white collar crimes. And it’s this website that attracted Tony Gosling’s attention. He asks me about both, causes and effects, in weekly interviews on his community radio station now. His website is called www.public-interest.co.uk.

Am I seeing what Cassandra was seeing? I’m just expressing my thoughts – thanks to the wonders of computers in the age of the internet… I do wish the Chancellor and the Governor of the Bank of England took note though and provided compensation, besides the Minister of Justice amnesty and jubilee for the false victims and justice for the real criminals!

Buckingham Palace got these nine letters, in reverse chronological order:

2010 Dec 14: Civil Abuse of Royal Privileges – How “HM Partnership” is protected by Royal Charters, while abusing the HM Seal in HM Court Services

2010 Jul 06: Requesting Compliance with the Rule of Law – An Invitation to comment to “cause law and justice in mercy to be executed” on the occasion our next meeting

2010 Jun 10: The Rule of Law and the Power to Create Money – See http://edm1297.info – About our online petition Stop the Oppression of the British people

2010 Apr 19: The Rule of Law and the Power to Create Money – About the Enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694 and the Absurdity of the National Debt.

2009 Aug 24: The Queen’s Question and the British Academy’s Answer – My software would have avoided your having to ask that question, if only it could be put to use by the right people

2009 Aug 09: Sell-out of Your Nation’s Assets while bankrupting the real economy – On the global financial crisis and its consequences

2009 Feb 09: Theire Majesties Subjects may not be oppressed by the Bank of England – on appointing a Royal Commission to investigate the causes of the crisis

2008 Dec 10: Restoring the Issue of Currency to the Crown – Who runs Britain?

2008 Nov 05: Restoring the Issue of Currency to the Crown – How HM Governments have successfully handed over more and more powers to the City