13 01 14 TyrannyOnce again: you only believe it when it hits you yourself or someone you know:

  • Norman Scarth had to flee the country he nearly died for in WWII, for he did not get justice during 17 years he experienced as harassment that included imprisonment
  • his crime: using a recording device without having asked for permission first
  • today he was sentenced to 28 days but suspended for a year – so it won’t happen unless he breaks the law again.

In response to mailing everybody who had signed the petition to free him, Mike wrote that he also had to flee the country, after his mum became a victim of the Court of ‘Protection’ and the Office of the Public ‘Guardian’ in the UK.

  • Their story is one of unfortunately many where officials make sure they can put their hands on any of the assets involved.

On Monday I was in court to support Andrea Higgins whose two daughters were taken: 

  • one after seven months
  • the other six days after her birth.

Since the hearing was secret, I waited outside and spoke to a lady whose nephew is supposed ‘not to have capacity’ and thus can’t decide for himself what he wants. Only barristers, solicitors and doctors benefit, while victims and rescuers suffer…

Similarly, in the case of this boy who is supposed to take drugs and it requires a McKenzie Friend to fight for him and his father.

What gets to me is the utter hypocrisy:

  • behind the veil of secrecy
  • in the name of justice
  • in the “interest” of the child…