13 02 12 The TapThe disconnect between Parliament and ‘the public’ has never been greater.

But when the Secret ‘Justice’ Bill glides through Parliament and ‘the public’ prefers to be asleep, we can only hope that those few who notice, will share their news as effectively as The Tap – an interesting ‘collective’ contributing to a blog.

There is no such thing as ‘the system’. We are talking about people being paid for working


  • in HMG Government, i.e. Downing Street and Whitehall
  • in the City of Westminster with Parliament supposedly as the Highest Court of the Land
  • the State with its civil servants and employees in ‘authorities’ and ‘public institutions’
  • the Law (Judiciary) or Ministry of Justice
  • and the Law Enforcement (Police) – all necessary to turn Britain into a Police State.

‘The ‘public’

  • is employed or not: always enough money for wars, but never enough for health and education, let alone environment 
  • is employable or not: too old, too young, too ill
  • is suffering from one injustice after another and one non-truth after another…

At the same time, The Guardian writes: Software that tracks People on Social Media created by Defence Firm – it’s States vs People – if you hadn’t noticed yet…

Mind the Gap: between Online and Mainstream Media, the Government and the Public