13 02 25 Top 10There is a new cat on the block: Eddie The Cat7 – a YouTube channel with currently 33 videos – devoted to the sharp and astute analysis of mis- and dis-information by the mainstream media as well as ‘amateur shills’ and mis-informers.

The channel covers a wide range of subjects and one of the videos compares the popularity of ‘conspiracy’ or ‘truth’-videos with those of mainstream media:

  1. Infowars – aka as Alex Jones show – shortly after Playboy
  2. Natural News – after Al Jazeera
  3. Before it’s News – after Channel 4
  4. Godlike Productions – after New Yorker
  5. Above Top Secret
  6. and David Icke – after Radioshack
  7. Coast to Coast AM after Oxford Unit
  8. Rense after Air France
  9. Prison Planet after McDonalds
  10. Disclose TV 

Brasscheck TV is one of my favourite sources of ‘truth information’ but its Alexa ranking isn’t good enough to be among the above Top 10. May you enjoy the Top 10 video as much as I did!

And may you find the analysis of the subtle and devious mis-information by Channel IV news as ‘interesting’ as I did.

For I am acutely aware to Mind the Gaps: between Online and Mainstream Media, Government and the Public!

And I have seen in an ‘amateur meeting’ as well as in the Royal Courts of Justice today how liars simply perpetuate their simplistic arguments, whereas people speaking what is true are always more coherent and simply convincing.

However, the whole child snatching and paedophilia scenario is sooo horrific that it transcends our abilities to imagine what is taking place behind the veneer of lawfulness and legality.

What you can’t imagine, you can’t believe. It is difficult to communicate  ‘truth’, because people prefer to believe others than to know for themselves. But the more we try to think our own thoughts and feel our own feelings, the more exciting life becomes!