Family Court

Family Court (Photo credit: lewisha1990)

The latest article in The Telegraph about the family courts is not by but about Christopher Booker! It illustrates how commitment and perseverance to one’s issue may actually get you somewhere, some time… Open up family court hearings, says senior judge – A senior judge has made an important ruling in favour of transparency in the family courts: to allow Christopher Booker to be as rude as he likes to be, because of freedom of speech, and to provide access to court papers, i.e. to remove a gag or injunction. Mr Booker said and wrote “the decision to lift the injunction was a victory for common sense and the rule of law.”

Mr Justice Mostyn is the current President of the Family Courts and he has set a crucial precedence with a ruling about the right to breastfeeding that refers to a milestone case before the European Court in Strasbourg: taking a baby at birth is a “Draconian and extremely harsh measure”.

But the battle to lift the veils of secrecy that shroud the “secret courts” we already have is very far from over, and behind those veils far too many cruel abuses of justice will continue to flourish unreported.

Lord Justice Munby has now called for “greater transparency, and radical and comprehensive reform of the family court system.”

I sent him our online petition The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted Now, and, above all, the remarkable comments that illustrate the utter frustration, dismay and disgust with the current system.

I also sent him the skeleton argument of a case that involved removing a baby at birth and we were given permission to appeal the adoption order that was made with the aid of a solicitor NOT acting in the interest of the mother (as usual). The mother was thus looking for help and found us online.

Let’s hope that, eventually, we’ll get all children returned who have been taken at birth and adopted forcefully!

My latest attempt to make a difference towards that goal is to inform the Attorney General’s Office of what’s going on – from start to finish:

  1. What’s Unique in the UK
  2. It starts with Social Services, the NHS or Schools
  3. It continues with the Police
  4. The Secrecy of Family Courts exacerbates the dramas
  5. The Absence of the Rule of Law in Courts
  6. Lawyers don’t Represent the Interests of their Clients
  7. What happens in Prisons is sheer torture
  8. The Connection with Paedophilia
  9. The Slovak Outrage
  10. The Rule of Money has replaced The Rule of Law.

Meanwhile, this ‘Prison Writing’ In the Belly of the Beast, from the Miscarriages of Justice News Service is a great analysis of what we’re observing in prisons: institutionalised cruelty; e.g. a mother who’s been in 13 foster homes over 15 years, abused in 2, had 4 children taken at birth, was punished for helping a suffering inmate – as an example of  victims of child snatching being criminalised.

13 03 03 Paedophile trend

Let’s be honest: paedophilia is a fancy name for sexual child abuse. When looking at Google Trends, the mention of ‘child abuse’ in news headlines has gone down since 2005.

But the peak for ‘paedophile’ thanks to the Jimmy Savile scandal is ‘beautifully embarrassing’ for the UK. Note the list of ‘related terms’ at the bottom of the page.